Saturday, January 14, 2012


Wow ... we are just overwhelmed with all the responses of prayer and encouragement in regards to Cristian needing surgery to repair his lung. We are rejoicing that we are able to give a good report that Cristian's surgery went very well, the holes are repaired and he is home two days earlier than the doctor first anticipated. We have no doubt the Lord has been answering as you've joined us in prayer. Thank you also for your prayers and encouragement for Tracy as she was able to spend the week at the hospital with Cristian, and for Bill and Ashley as they took care of things at home. Though it was a long week we have experienced the Lord's help and strength, and we are so appreciative of the encouragement that seemed to come just when we needed it.
This week Cristian will have his stitches removed and the doctor will do a follow-up exam and x-ray. We praise the Lord that Cristian is recuperating; he will need to adhere to the doctor's orders of no activity and complete rest for the next month. He will continue to experience pain during the recuperation process and beyond. Please also be praying for him as he will need some cooperation from his university professors in order to be able to make up the homework, projects and final exams he has missed and/or will miss over the next two weeks. Cristian was happy to sleep in his own bed last night and has asked us to let you all know how much he appreciates your faithful prayers. He expressed many times that he knew people were praying and that the Lord has been helping him.

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